2018 Key Publications

Healthy buildings, healthier people – May
Health and Environment Alliance

Cleaner, Smarter, Cheaper: Opportunities for France in Europe’s changing energy system – June
Energy Union Choices consortium (E3G, RAP, WWF EPO and BPIE)

Renewable and decarbonised gas: options for a zero-emissions society – June

The circular economy – a powerful force for climate mitigation – June
Material Economics

Breaking Through – Industrial low-Co2 technologies on the horizon – June
Institute for European Studies -VUB

The climate finance domino. Transition risks for the Polish financial sector – June

Decision time at Poland’s PGE – why a high-risk, fossil-heavy strategy doesn’t add up – June

BRICS Summit 2018 – July
E3G, ICP Hub Secretariat

Risk preparedness in an Integrated European electricity market – July
Forum Energii, Regulatory Assitance Project

COP24 in Katowice: Manual – July
Forum Energii

Tracking and assessing the low-carbon transition in France – July

From cradle to grave: E-mobility and the energy transition in Europe, Italy, the UK, France and Spain – August
Carbone 4

Financing South East Asia’s energy transition – September
Wilton Park

Horizon to Horizon – September
ClimateWorks Australia

Global Climate Action Summit – September
ICP Hub Secretariat and network

Trucking into a greener future – September

Net zero by 2050: From wheter to how – September

Climate & Energy observatory tool – September
Climate Action Network

Planetary health: ein umfassendes Gesundheitskonzept – October
Gabrysch et al.

Power trip: Southeast Asia’s journey to a low carbon economy – October

Approval of the IPCC Special Report on 1.5°C – October
Grantee Timothée Ourbak, ICP Hub Secretariat

Funding innovation to deliver EU competitive climate leadership – October

What is the role for renewable methane in European decarbonization? – October

Result oriented spending for the climate: Creating strong connections between the EU budget and National Energy and Climate Plans – October

A sustainable future for the European Cement and Concrete Industry: Technology assessment for full decarbonisation of the industry by 2050 – October
ETH Zurich

Health impacts and cost of diesel emissions in the EU – November
CE Delft

Der Wert der Effizienz im Gebäudesektor in Zeiten der Sektorkopplung – November
Agora Energiewende

Wann, wenn nicht jetzt – Das Maßnahmen-programm Klimaschutz 2030 der deutschen Zivilgesellschaft – November
Klima-Allianz (coordination)

Energizing renewables in Indonesia: optimizing public finance levers to drive private investment – November
Climate Policies Initiative

Brazilian Elections: Results debrief – November
Clima e Sociedade

COP24 Political Framing – November
E3G, ICP Hub Secretariat

How to decarbonise European transport by 2050 – November
Transport & Environment

Landscape of climate finance in France – November

Last Gasp | The coal companies making Europe sick – November
Europe Beyond Coal

Integrating climate risks into credit risk assessment: current methodologies and the case of central banks corporate bond purchases– December
Council on Economic Policies

Pensions in a changing climate – December
ShareAction, AODP