Embracing Tipping Points

Annual Report 2016

Photo of Caio Koch-Weser

Caio Koch-Weser

Chairperson of the board

“2016 marked a year of major political changes and challenges, both for the climate change mitigation agenda and in wider scientific, social and political spheres.”

Photo of Johannes Meier

Johannes Meier

Chief Executive Officer (Until 28 February 2017)

“Looking back at 2016, I am grateful for and proud of what we have achieved at the ECF but I also look with apprehension towards the future given the changing context and political uncertainties.”

Photo of Laurence Tubiana

Laurence Tubiana

Chief Executive Officer (As of 1 March 2017)

“Europe has an essential role to play. It will need to reaffirm even stronger international climate leadership.”