21 December 2010 – A new report from the Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE) looks at implementation of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) across 12 Member States. The objective is to help Member States design and optimise EPC schemes under the EU’s Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and to support the European Commission to guide them in this process.

The 2010 update of Buildings Performance Directive (2010/31/EU) strengthens the role of EPCs as an instrument to encourage greater energy efficiency in new buildings and application of energy savings measures in renovation projects.

The BPIE report, titled Energy Performance Certificates Across Europe: From design to implementation, analyses the current status of implementation of EPCs in 12 Member States and draws attention to success factors as well as market barriers and failures. It illustrates that the situation varies greatly among Member States and that – despite some best-practice examples – it is still a challenge to leverage the benefits of EPCs.

Download the BPIE report here.