(English) 2016 Key Publications

A perspective on Infrastructure and Energy Security in the Transition

Agora Energiewende, Artelys, Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, Climact, Element Energy, European Climate Foundation, Regulatory Assistance Project, Third Generation Environmentalism, WWF European Policy Office

Aligning Policies for Low-Carbon Systemic Innovation in Europe

Industrial Innovation for Competitiveness, Centre for European Policy Studies


European Climate Foundation, International Council on Clean Transportation

Ecological, Economic and Social Costs of Marine/Coastal Spills of Fuel Oils (Refinery Residuals)

Independent Marine Pollution Consultant (Tim Deere-Jones)

EEFIG (Energy Efficiency Financial Institutions Group) National Engagement Process

Climate Strategy & Partners, Deutsche Unternehmensinitiative Energieeffizienz, Econoler, Grupo de Trabajo Sobre Rehabilitacion, Institute of Environmental Economics, Vesta Conseil

Efficiency First: A New Paradigm for the European Energy System

ClientEarth, Climate Action Network Europe, European Climate Foundation, European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, Friends of the Earth Europe, OpenExp, Regulatory Assistance Project, Smart Energy Demand Coalition, Third Generation Environmentalism

EU Effort Sharing After 2020: Review and Ratcheting Up EU Climate Targets

Ecologic Institute

Europe’s Dark Cloud – How Coal-Burning Countries Are Making Their Neighbours Sick

Climate Action Network Europe, Health and Environment Alliance, Sandbag, WWF European Policy Office

Feeling the Heat: An Investors’ Guide to Measuring Business Risk from Carbon and Energy Regulation

Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

Hinkley What If? Can the UK Solve its Energy Trilemma Without Hinkley Point C?

Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit

Implications of the Paris Agreement for Coal Use in the Power Sector

Climate Analytics

Key Features of Credible Energy Union Governance


Klimaschutzplan 2050 der deutschen Zivilgesellschaft (German Civil Society Climate Protection Plan 2050)


Managing Heat System Decarbonisation | Comparing the Impacts and Costs of Transitions in Heat Infrastructure

Imperial College London

More Security, Lower Cost: A Smarter Approach to Gas Infrastructure in Europe

Third Generation Environmentalism

Oil Market Futures

Cambridge Econometrics et al.

Policy and Investment in German Renewable Energy

Climate Policy Initiative

Proposals for Aligning Carbon Prices with the Paris Agreement

WWF France

Quelle cohérence pour la France en 2016?

Réseau Action Climat France

Safeguarding Energy security in South-East Europe with Investment in Demand-Side Infrastructure

Buildings Performance Institute Europe

Scaling Up Innovation in the Energy Union to Meet New Climate, Competitiveness and Energy Regulation

Capgemini, Industrial Innovation for Competitiveness

The Impacts of Arctic Shipping Operations on Black Carbon Emissions

Transport Emissions: Air Quality & Climate Consulting (Daniel Lack PhD)

The Power Market Pentagon

Agora Energiewende