9 January 2013 – The Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE) has launched its data hub for buildings performance and related policies in Europe, buildingsdata.eu. The comprehensive open data portal presents facts and figures collected for Europe’s Buildings under the Microscope, a BPIE study released at the end of 2011. It includes a wide variety of technical data never collected EU-wide before.

The data hub has been created to assist policymakers at EU and Member State level, technical experts, building professionals, researchers, academics, consultants, NGOs, and the broader energy efficiency in buildings community by giving them the opportunity to access country profiles, search specific parameters, generate overviews and graphs, and screen the underlying data. The tool allows for cross-country comparisons and cost-free downloads, although accessing the original data requires prior registration.

The BPIE data hub aims to become an in-depth source for anyone interested in energy efficiency in European buildings. The data will be improved on an ongoing basis, and over time the hub will get enriched with additional topics and information generated through data exchange projects and research partnerships. BPIE is inviting other relevant organisations to contribute their data and to join it in increasing transparency about the energy performance of the European building stock.

Explore BPIE’s Data Hub for the Energy Performance of Buildings.