27 January 2010 – ECF Fellow Laurentien van Oranje has written a best-selling children’s book dealing with global warming, now available in English as well as Dutch. Titled Mr Finney and the World Turned Upside-down (Dutch title: Mr Finney en de wereld op zijn kop), the book has sold some 20,000 copies were sold since its launch at the end of October 2009. It features beautiful watercolour and line drawings by award-winning illustrator Sieb Posthuma.

The book is a modern parable and a refreshing way to reach children with its environmental message. It tells the story of Mr Finney’s journey of discovery around the world, in search of the “holy grail of the flag on the North Pole.” During his search for answers, Mr Finney is confronted with a range of environmental problems, directly and indirectly relating to climate change. The book aims to encourage and empower children to think about the issue, to formulate questions, and to confront adults with their thoughts and questions about the way we treat our planet and climate change in particular.

The ECF has supported the distribution of copies of the English version of the book. It is available from Querido Children’s Press and Bol.com.