ECF is “Key Player”

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May 2014 – A report by the Centre for Social Investment analyses how six foundation and non-profit organisations leverage social impact through cooperation.

The analysts find that ECF, as biggest philanthropic actor in the field of climate change in Europe, has a unique approach and strategy. “[ECF] fosters collaboration and coalition building among its grantees and partners to build a political voice for a certain topic and/or to facilitate synthesis and exchange of political intelligence and technical knowledge. The precondition to identify those gaps that can create leverage in climate change-related politics is a detailed, systemic understanding of the field as well as continuous learning about the own project portfolio.” The report gives a good overview of ECF’s history, its strategy-building process and its current programmes – with a special focus on the Energy Efficiency programme.

Read the full report on the website of the CSI, chapter 2 focuses on ECF.