Energy Transparency

The price of energy for consumers and the costs of energy to industry are among the most important economic factors generally quoted when it comes to debating climate policies. However, the importance of these costs and prices in public debates stands in stark contrast to the fact that there is a lot of public confusion around what the costs of energy actually are and how they develop over time. This is essentially due to the fact that there is no central platform providing easily accessible information on the overall level and development of energy costs and prices using commonly accepted methodologies.

The objective of Energy Transparency is to fill this gap and establish a credible source for the tracking of these indicators, bringing rationality and transparency into this often emotional debate. In order to accomplish this, the European Climate Foundation, together with its partner institutions, publishes regular updates on energy costs and prices for major European countries, addressing experts, political decision makers, administrations, businesses and media in a broad sense.

This has led to monthly publications for Germany, France and Poland highlighting the development of prices on the consumer side (Energy Price Monitor). Moreover, the ECF has developed the first short-term indicator for overall energy costs paid by German industry (Energiekosten-Index EKI), which is now also updated regularly.

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