Energy Union Choices: A Perspective on Infrastructure and Energy Security in the Transition

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 13.21.26Based on extensive analysis conducted by the Artelys, ElementEnergy and Climact, and overseen by a consortium of organisations including E3G, Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership, Agora Energiewende, WWF, RAP and the European Climate Foundation, the study looks at which infrastructure investments are lowest risk and regret to ensure resilience throughout the transition, and whether an integrated view on infrastructure (gas, power, buildings) can help meet security of supply challenges at a lower cost. It finds that, overall, the existing gas infrastructure in Europe is resilient to a wide range of demand projections and supply disruptions. In places where gas security of supply concerns do occur, the report shows that an integrated, regional approach that looks at gas, electricity and buildings together, can help meet these challenges at significantly lower costs.

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