Europe’s Dirty 30

CO2 emissions from Europe’s coal power plants are undermining climate efforts, reveals the “Europe’s Dirty 30” report, released by CAN Europe, WWF, European Environmental Bureau, Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL) and Climate Alliance Germany. The report exposes the top 30 CO2-emitting power plants in the EU in 2013, with Poland, Germany and the UK ranking first.

Despite the rapid increase of renewables and the overall decrease of total EU greenhouse gas emissions, CO2 emissions from coal power stations have recently risen. Many of the EU’s coal-fired plants are now running at or near full capacity, due to a combination of economic factors, including the relatively low price of coal compared to gas and the low CO2 price caused by weak EU climate policy.

These developments put the EU in grave danger of not phasing out emissions from coal quickly enough, hence undermining the EU’s climate ambitions. The report sets out policies needed to tackle the pollution and states that the rapid phase-out of CO2 emissions from coal has to become a priority.

The report is available here.