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European Green Deal Diplomacy

The European Green Deal is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to provide the political vision and policy framework to achieve climate neutrality by 2050 while achieving a greenhouse gas emission reduction of at least 55% by 2030 (compared to 1990). A socio-economic transition at that scale has never been witnessed and requires a comprehensive framework to guide sectoral transitions with an embedded just transition and financial flows as well as ensuring high level of ownership in society.

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Key challenges

The EU’s international leadership is strongly based on its credibility in delivering at home. On a wide range of sectoral and cross-cutting climate policies, the EU can be considered a pioneer and frontrunner with the potential to set international “gold standards”. The interaction between domestic and international agenda has the potential to create a true “race to the top” on green technologies, products and services – creating and shaping the global low carbon markets and confidence by policymakers to go further. Especially ahead of the 2023-2025 ambition cycle under the Paris Agreement.

The EU will always be import-dependent, it is thus vital that the EU uses its market power to set trade rules and shift to imports from countries that take climate action and share EU’s values (i.e. on human rights). Green Deal diplomacy by the EU has the potential to be a true game-changer and to provide the backbone for much needed political leadership for the acceleration of global climate action through green cooperation.


The European Climate Foundation and its partners are seeking to inform a more visionary, tangible and consistent diplomatic approach around the European Green Deal. The geographic focus is currently on the relations with the United States, Africa, China and India with some scoping on the EU’s relation with Latin America.

How we work

The team complements existing work of the international team and integrates the priorities of sector, EU, country and communication teams into a holistic, politically savvy convening and grant-making strategy. It focusses on international bilateral relations and seeks to leverage the successes of the European Green Deal on a global scale. This includes organising informal diplomatic workshops and dialogues with key partners as well as providing grants for writing and disseminating policy briefings and papers.


Chloe Dudley

Senior Associate, European Green Deal Diplomacy

Nadya Dedikova

Diplomatic Writer, European Green Deal Diplomacy & Institutional Relations Programmes

Xiushan Chen

Senior Associate, European Green Deal Diplomacy

Jacob Armstrong

Project Management Officer, International and Trade Programmes