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Poland’s dynamic growth has powered its increasingly important role in international business and politics. The ECF supports Poland’s timely development of an adequate response to the climate emergency. The country is challenged to identify new drivers for sustainable growth to realise an ambitious low-carbon transition.

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Key challenges

  • Supporting an in-depth public debate on the date for the coal phase-out for Poland.
  • Mainstreaming climate-related policies into long-term sustainable development strategy for Poland.
  • Supporting the implementation of sectoral policies in alignment with the net-zero transition.


  • Supporting complex socio-economic strategic changes to address the climate crisis in a wide range of areas of public life
  • Making the net-zero till 2050 perspective a clear vision and operational plan for Poland.

How we work 

We empower progressive entities, voices and movements willing to act for climate by supporting the collaboration of diverse networks and organisations. By looking beyond the short-term, we challenge key stakeholders to face the upcoming threats while embracing the potential of sustainable growth. We provide science-based solutions and reports on the key issues related to the net-zero transition and the climate emergency while helping to set the scene for a vibrant public debate around climate change.