13 October 2010 – Gordon Brown, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, cites the ECF’s Roadmap 2050 project in his latest Huffington Post blog. The article, titled ‘Climate Change Action Is Economic Common Sense’, argues that in a world recovering from the global financial crisis should be at the top of government agendas.

“The case for climate change action is not just a moral crusade,” writes Brown, “it is an economic necessity. It can be a major component in the engine of growth – and massively reduce the world’s levels of unemployment.”

Drawing on data from Roadmap 2050, Brown makes the case that “a low-carbon European super-grid … is the most productive, ethical and practical way forward. The super-grid is an asset that makes economic and environmental sense. And by investing an additional 100 billion dollars a year to 2050, thousands of jobs and exports will follow.”

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