Freelance Report Writer

About the Task Force on philanthropic innovation

The Task Force on philanthropic innovation is an initiative incubated at the European Climate Foundation. It was launched in December 2017 at the One Planet Summit by President Emmanuel Macron, who tasked Laurence Tubiana, CEO of the European Climate Foundation (ECF), with convening a task force to target and expand philanthropy’s role in the accelerated delivery of the Paris Agreement, including through the development of partnerships with governments and public finance agencies. Operating from ECF’s Paris office, the Task Force secretariat oversees the development of the four key working groups: blended finance, renewable energy, air quality, and agriculture and land use. The secretariat coordinates and liaises with all Task Force members which include 16 global philanthropies and 4 governments.

The Task Force seeks to establish a framework for partnership between government and philanthropy to leverage and magnify each side’s financing. The Task Force is developing a series of scalable and replicable pilot projects through coalition and partnership with stakeholders in diverse geographies.

About the role

The Task Force is a timebound project and the secretariat aims to wind down in June 2019.  The secretariat is seeking an experienced writer to producea report that demonstrates the deep learning and greater coordination of efforts and financing between government and philanthropy, and the catalytic impact of this collaboration on the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

The Task Force secretariat has committed to preparing a report (approximately 40-50 pages) on its results and recommendations before the secretariat concludes its work. The report writer will work alongside the Task Force secretariat and will collaborate closely with key stakeholders from a diverse array of public and private partner organisations to produce a compelling report that captures and explains the unique experience and value of the Task Force initiative over its 18-month existence.

Key responsibilities

  • Rapidly assess and understand the broad audience this report seeks to address;
  • Develop a project plan for the production of the report with the secretariat;
  • Draft, through final stages the report: developing a narrative that captures and positions the Task Force’s outputs as a framework for partnership between philanthropy and government;
  • Research and showcase case studies in the Task Force focus areas that illustrate impact;
  • Identify, research and source relevant data and apply this through appropriate graphic representation;
  • Work with key stakeholders to incorporate views and finalize edits.

Experience and competencies

  • A seasoned writer with demonstrated ability to translate technical and abstract concepts into compelling narrative;
  • Has several years professional experience in science and/or finance / journalism / academia;
  • A native English speaker;
  • A confident verbal communicator;
  • A clear thinker with an enquiring mind, with a genuine interest in climate action and geopolitics;
  • Able to process large volumes of data;
  • Track record of working effectively to deadline, and dealing with pressure;
  • Enjoys working independently but in a collegial manner with a remote virtual team;
  • Understands the role of philanthropy / grantmaking foundation.


Flexible, preferably in Europe

Start date


Duration of project

Approximately 50 days over a period of 4 months

How to apply

Please send your CV, cover letter and a relevant sample of your writing in English to the following email address, please, indicate ‘Recruitment: Writer – TF’ in the subject line.

Candidates need to be in the possession of a work permit for the work location in case applicable. Applications will be considered until the role is filled, so early applications are encouraged. All applications will be treated confidentially. We will store your information in our internal database unless you specifically request otherwise.