Fuelling Europe’s Future Report Wins Award

An award has been given to a recent research project concluding that the shift to low-carbon vehicles is also beneficial to Europe’s economy. The project involved a range of companies investing in low-carbon technologies that were brought together by the ECF to help inform the analysis by Cambridge Econometrics and Ricardo-AEA. Cambridge Econometrics was named winner of the category “Outstanding Low Carbon Publication” by the UK’s LowCVP, a public-private partnership of around 200 organisations that exists to accelerate a sustainable shift to lower carbon vehicles and fuels. The judges commented that “Cambridge Econometrics prepared a very thorough, authoritative, high quality report; very good macroeconomic analysis which gave a holistic overview.” More information about Low CVP and the award ceremony is available on their website: www.lowcvp.org.uk. The report is available at: https://europeanclimate.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/FEF_Final.pdf