Uncover the underlying motivations and barriers for energy efficient renovations

European citizens would be willing to carry out energy renovation in their homes in order to increase their thermal comfort, pay less in energy bills and improve their quality of living. However, most of them are held back by the perceived financial investments to be made as well as by the hassle of organising the renovation works.

This is in a nutshell what is revealed in a new study conducted by IPSOS and commissioned by the European Climate Foundation to better understand citizens’ motivations and barriers to to carry out energy renovation in their homes.

Carried out with home owners and tenants in five European countries – Bulgaria, France, Germany, Poland and Spain (3) – this study offers EU and national decision makers an opportunity to better understand and hear European citizens’ concerns around health and social equity related to the renovation of their homes.

The results are based on 2-4 focus group discussions per country in August 2018 and an online survey with a nationally representative sample of 1000 citizens in each country (2000 in Germany) in November 2018.