Cristina Chiotan

Cristina Chiotan

Director, Monitoring Evaluation & Learning


About me

Cristina Chiotan works as MEL Director at the ECF. She supports ECF’s role as a strategic re-granter and is responsible for all aspects of the multi-layer MEL framework that enables monitoring, evaluation and learning. She promotes strategy review and learning as a structured process that helps teams to reflect on what happened and to learn, improve, adapt and plan for the future.

She works closely with and helps the ECF management and programme teams in their periodical monitoring and assessment of grants, outcomes and objectives towards improved evidence-based decision making and prioritization, timely strategic adaptation and learning processes.

She has worked for many years in the health sector including the Ministry of Health in Romania, UNICEF Romania, the EU institutions and EuroHealthNet in Brussels, where she held the position of Policy Senior Co-ordinator. She brings an extensive experience in policy and advocacy, project monitoring and evaluation.

Cristina holds a Master of Arts in Political Strategy and Communication from the University of Kent, on top of a medical doctor diploma from the University of Bucharest, and a postgraduate certificate in public health administration and health service management from the Romanian National School of Public Health and Management. More recently, she has completed the LSE course on Data Analysis for Management.

Cristina believes that our health and well-being are strongly linked with the health of the environment and the planet’s well-being and addressing climate change is crucial for us and future generations. She is a Romanian native speaker, fluent in English and French. She likes long walks in the forest and cycling.