Rebecca Collyer

Rebecca Collyer


International Forum for Energy

The Hague

About me

Rebecca Collyer is the Director of International Forum for Energy. Working closely with colleagues, NGO partners, academics and consultants, Rebecca helps to design integrated strategies to tackle rapid, renewables-led energy systems decarbonisation. Based in The Hague, Rebecca is responsible for international, Europe-wide and country programmes on energy systems transformation. She has a strong interest in strategies that will lead to the support of countries and citizens for progressive decarbonisation policies and in creating targeted and measurable grant portfolios.

Since joining the ECF in 2008, Rebecca has helped to lead the ECF’s seminal Energy Union Choices and Roadmap 2050 series of publications, and also to establish the International Forum for Energy. The International Forum for Energy supports world-class civil society, think tank and technical assistance experts on the decarbonisation of the power sector.

Rebecca is a member of the International Energy Agency advisory panel on the integration of variable renewables (IEA GIVAR) as well as being a reviewer of the IEA World Energy Outlook.

Rebecca joined the ECF from the British Government, where she worked in the Department for Trade and Industry’s Energy Group. She is an experienced EU policy maker, having served in Peter Mandelson’s cabinet in the European Commission. Rebecca studied Human Sciences at the University of Oxford and has lived and worked in both the United States and China.