Eva-Maria McCormack

Eva-Maria McCormack

Executive Director

Strategic Communications


About me

Eva-Maria is Executive Director, Strategic Communications, and a member of the ECF executive management team. She is responsible for the ECF’s communications and fundraising strategies and oversees the output of the strategic communications team.

Eva-Maria’s professional background is in international news and current affairs journalism as well as strategic communications and public affairs for think tanks, NGOs and business associations. She headed the international newswire of the German Press Agency (dpa) for five years, providing current affairs coverage to a global client base, with an international team of journalists working from more than 80 countries. In 2011, she moved into strategic communications. She built up the newly-founded German Aviation Association as its first communications director and, later, headed the communications of a business association and think tank focused on HR and management issues.

With an ongoing passion for international affairs, Eva-Maria joined the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP), Germany’s oldest think tank on foreign policy, in 2017. She oversaw the rebranding of the council and steered the think tank’s communications, publications and media outreach on EU and foreign affairs. All the while, she grew increasingly concerned about the impact of climate change on international justice, democracy and global health. In 2019, she switched full-time into climate communications, first as a consultant to a Berlin-based climate philanthropy, and then as director of a climate activist start-up.

Eva-Maria is a volunteer board member of Hostwriter, an open network that fosters cross-border cooperation among journalists. Her academic background is in history and history and philosophy of science. In her spare time, she loves getting her hands dirty in her backyard garden in Berlin.