Jane Okafor

Jane Okafor

Grants Officer, International Energy Programme


About me

Jane Okafor was born in Nigeria and moved to Belgium in 2003. She has a diploma in Environment and Development, degree in Journalism, and recently completed her Master’s in leadership and Management. She is based in the ECF Brussels office, she joined ECF as a maternity cover for six months in February 2022 and at the end of her contract in August 2022, she joined the International Energy Programme as a Grants Officer. Before joining the ECF, she worked with Cost Association as a Grants Administrative Officer.

She has been privileged to have lived in various countries over the last 20 years. Living in the pacific Islands for eight years and surviving various tsunami warnings, earthquakes and torrential rains got her interested in the relationship between climate change and human capital especially in the Education sector. One of her passions is supporting out of school children. She is a co-founder of an NGO in Zambia for out of school children. Jane loves travelling while being climate conscious, cooking, reading when time allows and chilling with my loved ones.