Mustafa Özgür Berke

Mustafa Özgür Berke

Senior Associate

Central Europe & Turkey


About me

Mustafa Özgür Berke is the senior associate of the ECF in Turkey. He is working to help enable the country’s transition to a low carbon economy.

Prior to joining ECF, between 2016 and 2018, Mustafa has assisted Sabancı University İstanbul Policy Center, REC Turkey and GÜNDER (Turkey Solar Energy Society) as a senior expert and project coordinator in their climate and energy policy related work. During the decade between 2006 and 2016, he has worked for WWF-Turkey, initially as a program officer in sustainable water management and then as the lead of the climate and energy program. The nexus between climate and energy policies and transition a low carbon economy has been priority focus areas in his professional work throughout the last decade.

Mustafa holds a major degree in International Relations and a minor degree in International Economics from Middle East Technical University. He completed his M.A. studies on European Politics at Lund University in Sweden. He lives in Ankara, the not must-see yet implicitly beautiful capital of Turkey, with his wife and two kids.