Tom Brookes

Tom Brookes

Executive Director

Strategic Communications


About me

Tom Brookes is Executive Director, Strategic Communications, and a member of the ECF Executive Management Team. Based in Brussels, he works to advance the policy response to climate change, and has responsibility for external communications, public affairs, and political communications strategy for the ECF, its affiliates, and network. He is Senior Advisor, Global Communications Strategies for ClimateWorks Foundation. Tom joined the ECF in 2009.

Tom started his career as a journalist, covering technology, regulation, and European politics, and moved into communications, public affairs, and media relations in the late 1990s. Following regulatory and standards work for Alcatel and other organisations, Tom joined an international public affairs consultancy and worked on his first competition case in 2000. That case, IMS Health, became the defining case on the balance between intellectual property and competition law in the EU.

Tom worked on the Microsoft anti-trust case in Europe, representing Microsoft as press spokesman on the case and acting as political advisor to Microsoft’s general counsel from 2002 to 2007. He also worked on mergers, international trade issues, and regulatory issues in copyright, environment, and other areas. He then left consultancy and joined Apple as Director of Government Affairs, Europe.