Where does the European Climate Foundation (ECF)’s funding come from?

Most of our funding comes from six core philanthropic partners. For more information on our funders please click here.

What kinds of activities and organisations do you support?

We support a variety of non-profit organisations engaged in work to mitigate climate change. For information about our activities and the types of work we undertake in partnership with our grantees, please refer to Initiatives in the main menu of this site and read our latest annual report.

How does the ECF decide its funding priorities?

We define priorities at initiative level, based on two dimensions: the strategic importance of the initiative, and the ECF’s and our partners’ ability to make a difference through this initiative.

How do I apply for a grant from the ECF? Do you accept unsolicited requests for grants?

We do not accept unsolicited grant proposals. Instead, we work closely with our partners to identify funding opportunities that will create the greatest impact.

How do you know if your grants are making a difference?

The ECF uses an integrated planning, monitoring and grant-management system, which allows performance evaluation on an ongoing basis.

What kinds of people do you hire? How do I apply for a job?

We hire people who are dynamic, knowledgeable and passionate about mitigating climate change. Please check out our job postings here. We are unable to consider applications for employment except in response to specific openings.

Do you offer internships? How do I apply for an internship?

We hire interns occasionally to support our initiatives. Please check our job posting page for openings.