Grant Making

What the European Climate Foundation (ECF) funds

The ECF aims to foster the transition to a low-carbon society in Europe. We support organisations that undertake activities in line with our Vision and Strategy. The majority of our funds are re-granted to non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and think tanks engaged in bringing about meaningful change.

The ideal proposal fits well within one (or more) of our initiatives, and clearly defines and analyses the context for change, the objectives of the proposed grant, the strategy and the activities to be undertaken. Our programme staff closely collaborates with grantees and experts from the field and funders to design adequate strategies.

What the ECF does not fund

  • We do not accept unsolicited grant proposals. Instead, we work with our partners to identify funding opportunities that will create the greatest impact.
  • We do not consider applications for activities outside the scope of EU climate strategy and, more specifically, our own areas of activity. Likewise, we do not support local projects unless they have been consciously designed for replication or have broad European regional or national implications.
  • We do not make grants directly to individuals, or grants intended to support a particular political party or sectarian or religious purposes.
  • We do not fund the research and development of technology (e.g., funds to develop hybrid automobiles or commercialisation of an invention), demonstration projects (e.g., model solar homes), or community energy projects.
  • We do not fund endowments or debt reduction, nor do we make general-support grants.
  • We do not support annual fundraising campaigns or capital construction, nor do we support the planning, renovation, maintenance, retrofit or purchase of buildings, or the acquisition of land, even if the intent is to save energy.

Our Grantees & Partners

We work with a broad variety of partners, including think tanks, NGOs and academic institutions. See a sampling of our grantees here.