We are passionate about our mission. As an organisation and individually, we strive for excellence in our work and maximise our impact through constant learning and improvement.

  • We promote time and space for listening, learning, reflection and creativity. We seek as well as give constructive feedback.
  • We encourage people to speak up.  We take pride in improving the organisation and developing our people.


We respect and promote diversity of perspectives, working styles and cultures in all facets of our work.

  • We operate from a position of openness, respect and trust in our colleagues and partners as people and professionals.
  • We value everyone’s perspective regardless of roles, hierarchy or agendas, listen actively, speak thoughtfully and with humility.
  • We take care of each other’s overall wellbeing.


We recognise that the scale and urgency of the problem requires innovative thinking and risk-taking.

  • We are inventive, purposefully anticipating emerging trends and the unexpected, developing resilient and sustainable strategies.
  • We take informed, conscious risks, including where the risk of failure is high but the potential reward of change is higher.
  • We embrace both failures and successes as an opportunity for learning.


Our success requires the knowledge, experience, wisdom and effort of many and therefore we embrace open collaboration.

  • We enable the field, serve as a convener and lead only when necessary.
  • We engage relevant actors with diverse perspectives to co-develop ideas, strategies and processes.
  • We strive to create an inclusive, team-oriented environment that enables contribution by everyone. We give credit to all who contribute.
  • We appreciate a sense of humour.


We foster trust and commitment to the organisation and our mission based on principles of accountability, fairness, transparency and inclusion.

  • We are transparent about our goals, outcomes and processes.
  • We strive for clear and coherent roles and responsibilities.
  • We base key decisions on consultation with relevant staff and stakeholders and communicate these decisions well.
  • We ensure diversity is the status quo and include those who often go unheard.