New Report ‘Energy System Crossroads – Time for Decisions’

UK 2030 low carbon scenarios and pathways – key decision points for a decarbonised energy system”

This review, published by Imperial Centre for Energy Policy and Technology (ICEPT) in October 2015, makes recommendations for the policy choices, and investor actions, needed for the UK to have a low-carbon energy sector by 2030. 

The paper looks at a number of scenarios from academia, industry and government. By examining the problem from a whole-system perspective the paper outlines what needs to be done if these low-carbon futures are to become a reality. Energy use is broken down into heat, transport and electricity, and the decisions that need to be made across the three areas to achieve the desired outcomes portrayed in the scenarios.

The paper highlights that at times decisions in different areas will be odds with each other, and the informed choices that must be made to narrow down the range of options. There are also recommendations on cost effective regulations that can promote the necessary shifts without appearing too top-down or causing a political backlash. The final outcome is a list of 17 decisions that the team believes need to be made by urgently. 

The paper was funded by ECF and will be launched in the House of Commons in December 2015.”

The report is available here