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New established energy transition think tank in Turkey


Shuralogo2 300x160The SHURA Energy Transition Centre was founded by a partnership of the European Climate Foundation, Germany’s well-known think tank Agora Energiewende and the Istanbul Policy Centre (IPC) within Sabanci University.

Led by Dr. Deger Saygın, SHURA aims to support Turkey’s transition to a low-carbon power system by conducting a data-driven, impartial and independent analysis. It addresses the need for a sustainable and broadly recognised platform for discussion on the technological, economic and policy aspects of Turkey’s energy sector.

Many prominent individuals from throughout the energy sector, including businesses, think tanks, academia, civil society organisations and the public sector are on SHURA’s Advisory Council.

The platform has launched its first study “Increasing the Share of Renewables in Turkey’s Power System: Options for Transmission Expansion and Flexibility” which reveals that the currently installed capacity of wind and solar energy can be increased to 40 GW by 2026 without any requirement for additional transmission infrastructure investment than that currently planned.

Download the executive summary here.