The European Climate Foundation was established in 2008 as a major philanthropic initiative to foster the development of a low-carbon society and help Europe to play an even stronger international leadership role to mitigate climate change. The foundation works through sectoral, cross-cutting and regional initiatives and collaborates with a wide network of partners to advance progress towards this shared goal.


Operations Intern, Strategic Communications

As Operations Intern, Strategic Communications your role will be to support the Strategic Communications Team with the organisation of an annual retreat and other logistics and administrative tasks.

Administrative Assistant, UK

As an Administrative Assistant, you will report to and provide day to day administrative support to the UK Programme Director and the Power Transition Programme Director as well as taking care of the office management tasks.

Grants Administrator, UK

As Grants Administrator, you will be part of the Grants Administrators team and report to the ECF Operations Manager. You will support 2-5 programmes, platforms or projects focused on those which are led out of ECF’s London office – in particular the UK programme and the Power Transition programme.

Strategic Communications Manager, UK

Working closely with the programme’s portfolio of grantees and strategic partners, the successful candidate will navigate the complex political environment to help advance momentum around the low-carbon transition in the UK.

Director, Transport Programme

The Programme Director, Transport is responsible for developing and implementing strategies to help secure the goals described above. These strategies are co-developed with the Executive Director, EU Policy, and ECF grantees, with a view to ensuring they are technologically feasible, economically viable, and robust to the realpolitik of Europe.

Director, Industry and Innovation

The main objectives of ECF’s Industry and Innovation Initiative are simultaneously to ensure that the decarbonisation trajectory of European resource processing and manufacturing industries (such as cement, steel, chemicals) is consistent with the goals of the Paris Agreement and to help significantly accelerate the lab-to-market process in Europe for commercialising clean technologies and solutions in(…)

Board Liaison and Engagement Officer (Brussels)

Reporting to the Director of Strategy and Operations, this role is responsible for developing and implementing the Secretariat’s Board engagement strategy with associated city networks and other partners that serve as “sherpas” to the Board members. This role combines the creativity of building new processes with the delivery of supporting a high-performing Board.

Strategic Communications Manager, Finance and Economics

As Strategic Communications Manager, you will lead the development and implementation of global communications strategies that seek to harness the power of the markets to encourage shifts in financial flows away from coal, oil and gas towards clean energy, in business plans in light of climate risk, and in economic orthodoxy with a view to creating political space for finance sector-led action.

Operations Coordinator – Finance Dialogue (London)

The Finance Dialogue (FD) is a semi-autonomous ‘Platform’ hosted by the ECF and launched in the wake of the successful Paris agreement and its ambitious commitment to keeping the global temperature rise well below 2 degrees (WB2C). The Finance Dialogue seeks to support this energy transition by catalysing a substantial redirection of capital into the low carbon economy.

Strategic Communications Associate, New Voices

As Strategic Communications Associate, New Voices, you will be part of the Strategic Communications team and report to the Director of Outreach and Engagement, Strategic Communications. The ECF’s strategic communications team is the outreach unit of the foundation. Its role is to act as a centre of expertise for communication on climate change and to(…)