Philipp Niessen

Philipp joins ECF after 7 years as a manager at Germany’s main industry lobby group, the Federation of German Industries (BDI). At BDI, Philipp oversaw a wide portfolio of industry, energy and climate policy-related activities. Initially, he coordinated German industry’s committee on energy technologies and innovation policies. In this way, he contributed to the substantial increase in federal funding to clean energy technologies in recent years. Philipp was also in charge of BDI’ s work on coal and gas markets, as well as international energy issues. In this role, he recently helped negotiate the result of the German “Kohlekommission” as a sherpa to BDI’s president.

Before joining BDI, Philipp worked in business consulting and with European electricity utilities, such as RWE and E.ON. In 2011, he was a first-hand witness of how their business model abruptly lost its “social license to operate” after the German nuclear exit. Aligning sustainable development, industry and business has been on Philipp’s agenda for a long time. A trained economist, he interned with the Desertec Industrial Initiative; the EU Commission; and the Swiss Venture Capital Fund “Mountain Partners” during his university years. Being a passionate mountaineer and winter sports enthusiast, he is constantly reminded of the potential disaster climate change poses to the world. Having spent considerable time during his working and university life in Russia, Philipp is also very aware of the vested interests of the fossil energy world.