Resilient Recovery

The Covid-19 crisis has exposed the need for a more resilient society and economy. Requiring an unprecedented scale of investments, the economic recovery from Covid-19 can be a unique opportunity for big and bold change towards a more sustainable society and a vehicle for accelerating the transition to climate neutrality. The European Climate Foundation has developed a dedicated initiative, the Resilient Recovery project, to ensure that the post-Covid-19 European economy is aligned with and underpinned by an ambitious European Green Deal.

Defend the European Green Deal, environmental laws & standards against rollbacks

  • Grow a coalition that proactively puts the European Green Deal on the agenda.
  • Expose and counter any attempts to water down laws, standards, and new initiatives, and ensure their enforcement where need be.
  • Advocate for a maximum of ambition in European Green Deal policy-making.

Imagine the new socio-economic systems of a clean & equitable future

  • Redesign macroeconomic policies to deliver sustainability, resilience and social equity.
  • Explore policies to help overcome inequalities and provide a voice to affected communities.
  • Focus on themes where demand/behaviour change can drive systemic change from the bottom up.

Embolden governments to design Covid-19 responses which accelerate the transition to climate neutrality with a high degree of social acceptance

  • Draw the line on what is not acceptable for a broad coalition in society (science, movements, civil society, cities, business, unions, economists…).
  • Define and advocate for strong conditionality for bailouts, stimulus and recovery plans (at the national and EU levels).
  • Focus on acceleration and financing in sectors where the conditions are right (i.e. create jobs) and on just transition plans in sectors where jobs will be lost.
  • Green Recovery Tracker

    An analysis on how EU Member States are aligning their national Covid-19 recovery programmes with the green transition towards a climate neutral future.

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The Covid-19 crisis has provided evidence of the need for a more resilient society and economy. The European Climate Foundation is supporting organisations in analysing and tracking the contribution of national Covid-19 recovery efforts across Europe. Below you will find a collection of reports by ECF grantees on recovery projects across Europe.