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2017 Key Publications


Expect the unexpected: The disruptive power of low-carbon technology

Carbon Tracker, Grantham Institute at Imperial College London, Feb-17

Renovons! Le scénario

CLER, Feb-17

Alternatives to heavy fuel oil use in the Arctic: Economic and environmental tradeoffs

ICCT, Apr-17

Green Conservatives? Understanding what Conservatives think about the environment

Bright Blue, Apr-17

Europe’s coal-fired power plants: Rough times ahead – analysis of the impact of a new round of pollution controls

IEEFA, May-17

Smart buildings decoded

BPIE, Jun-17

Hard coal/lignite fired power plants in EU28 | Fact-based scenario to meet commitments under the LCP BREF

DNV GL, Jun-17

Accelerating the global and local paradigm shift

IDDRI, Jul-17

2050 Pathways: A handbook

2050 Pathways Platform, Jul-17

Why develop 2050 Pathways

2050 Pathways Platform, Jul-17

Ryzyka prawne związane z rynkiem mocy w Polsce

ClientEarth, Jul-17


Generationen Stiftung, Sep-17

Low carbon-innovation in cement and concrete

Chatham House, Sep-17

Polish energy sector 2050. 4 scenarios

Forum Energii, WiseEuropa, Enervis Energy Advisors, Sep-17

Financing the future of buildings in Central, Eastern and South-East Europe

BPIE, Sep-17

Kursbuch Kohleausstieg. Szenarien für den Struktur-wandel

Various, Oct-17

Low-carbon cars in Germany – A summary of socio-economic impacts

Cambridge Econometrics, Element Energy, M-Five, ECF, Oct-17

Deployment of an industrial CCS cluster in Europe: A funding pathway

I24c, Element Energy, Oct-17

When savers get lost in translation

WWF France, Nov-17

Klimafreundliche Gewerbeimmobilien

DENEFF, Nov-17

Efficiency First in the Energy Union: Progress report

RAP, Nov-17

Beyond emission targets: ambition in the context of the 2018 Facilitative Dialogue

IDDRI, 2050 Pathways Platform, Nov-17

From cradle to grave: e-mobility and the French energy transition

Fondation pour la Nature et l’Homme, Carbon 4, ECF, Dec-17

Green tagging: Mobilising bank finance for energy efficiency in real estate

UNEP Inquiry, Climate Strategy & Partners, Dec-17

Ambitious climate action today is essential for future economic success

Stiftung 2°, Dec-17

Net Zero North: Delivering the decarbonisation mission in the North of England

IPPR, Dec-17

Infrastructure for a changing energy system: the next generation of policies for the European Union

E3G, Dec-17

Ubóstwo energetyczne w Polsce 2012-2016. Zmiany w czasie i charakterystyka zjawiska

Instytut Badań Strukturalnych, Jan-18