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Green Growth: Lessons from Country Experiences

Long Term Strategies & Laws
| 01.07.2014

Featuring 60 case studies from developing and developed countries, and reviewing governments’ and others’ experiences, the ‘Green Growth in Practice: Lessons from Country Experiences’ report is the first comprehensive global assessment of lessons and good practices in green growth planning.

Supported by Climate & Development Knowledge Network, the European Climate Foundation and the Global Green Growth Institute and focusing on nine key areas of green growth, this new report provides a wealth of information on effective approaches for harnessing the power of resource efficiency and climate compatible development for advancing economic, social and environmental goals.

About Green Growth Best Practices

As human-induced climate change, environmental degradation, and resource scarcity threaten the sustainability of our economies and habitats, many industrialised and developing countries are preparing climate-resilient, green, and low-carbon growth plans. To date, however, there has been limited knowledge-sharing and learning between countries or between donors and doers.

Since 2011, the ECF has been working to increase coordination among the many national and international initiatives focused on green growth, with the hope that accelerating knowledge sharing among these players will accelerate development and deployment of growth-friendly plans to address climate change. That effort came to fruition in September 2012 with the formal launch of the Green Growth Best Practice (GGBP) Initiative, which comprises 15 leading environmental and development cooperation organisations.

The GGBP aims to help governments strengthen the quality of green growth planning and implementation by facilitating the exchange of knowledge and insights on policymaking best practices from around the world. To that end, the GGBP is conducting a rigorous evidence-based assessment of proven practices and lessons from planning processes, analytic approaches and tools, policy and programme design, and implementation of green growth programmes with a particular focus on overcoming inertia of the political economy. Teams of authors are working collaboratively to gather and assess experiences with green growth at all levels of government and all regions of the world.

The GGBP has an 18-month project timeline, running through March 2014, and is organised around three workstreams: planning and coordination, analysis and framing, and policies and programs. A team of 75 authors representing all regions of the world, levels of government, and diverse stakeholder groups will contribute to the synthesis report to be published in February 2014. Additional end products will include handbook, briefing papers, and other outputs tailored to users’ needs.

Besides the ECF, the GGBP is supported by the Global Green Growth Institute and the Climate Development and Knowledge Network. Getting this multi-faceted effort off the ground was a major achievement for the ECF, given the complexity of the issue and the number of players involved. As always, our role is to facilitate and complement what is already out there – to strengthen the field, not to replicate or compete.

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