Survey Shows French & German Business Leaders Supportive of the Energy Transition

The European Climate Foundation has commissioned the first-ever survey of French and German business leaders on the energy transition under way in both countries. A representative sample of 1,000 CEOs and high level managers of all German and French companies above 10 employees reveals a converging sense of urgency on the need for the energy transition (for 84% and 87% of French and German respondents respectively) and the economic opportunities it presents, with for instance 74% of French private sector leaders seeing the energy transition as having positive impacts on growth and the opening of new markets. French and German business leaders also agree that Germany, of the two countries, is the one best set up currently to succeed in its energy transition effort, when only 16% of French respondents believe that the French government has put in place adequate instruments and 78% feel they are not sufficiently involved in policy debates, unlike their German counterparts, who, in their large majority, feel that their recommendations and wishes are listened to.

  • Download the report here [French].
  • Download the press release here [French].