The ECF greatly appreciates the funding that supports our work and contributes to effective progress on the route toward a net-zero greenhouse gas emissions society. We are fortunate to count on the support of the following philanthropic partners.


The following figures are based on our latest audited financial overview from the year 2021. Apart from administration and in-house projects, they represent regranting activities across various ECF programs of work.

In addition to such programs, the ECF also incubates platforms to create and build out new institutions that are needed for climate action, supporting the development of their activities, organisational growth and independence. Excepting the number of employees, the below figures do not include the expenditures related to such ECF-hosted platforms, which are separate entities with their own governance structure and restricted funding.

The ECF’s financial statements meet the conditions for a Public Benefit Organisation under Dutch law. Please visit our FAQ page for more information on our grantmaking process.

To access the Dutch ANBI standard form for 2021, click here.

Planning, Monitoring and Learning
The ECF uses the PARL tool to capture the Theory of Change of its programmes, and to monitor progress towards their objectives. To get more insights on PARL, click here.

Key Figures (2021)

281 employees
9 offices
1177 grants
713 grantee partners

0.9% EGD Diplomacy & Trade €823,654
4.5% Industry and Innovation €4,230,113
7.7% Buildings €7,274,145
13.6% Clean Transportation €12,939,237
17.9% Low Carbon Power Generation €17,010,495
23.3% National Programmes €22,133,380
23.5% EU Climate Policies €22,290,725
8.5% Administration & Organisational Development €8,100,619

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