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beyond green

Climate change is the greatest challenge of our time, a global emergency and a real threat. Addressing the climate crisis is also the greatest opportunity for big and bold change to create a fairer and more sustainable society.

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Ecf Test 9

What will a zero
emissions future look like?

A net-zero emissions society is a positive, fair and innovative society, whose citizens enjoy an attractive quality of life with cleaner air, less traffic, more comfortable homes, less money spent on fuel and more on infrastructure and innovation in Europe.

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City Square With Car Traffic View From Above. City Landscape With A Quadrocopter

Europe at the forefront of the climate challenge

Europe has the power to demonstrate to the world that tackling climate change can go hand in hand with economic growth, social justice and a better quality of life for all.

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The ECF network - a unique reach

Climate change is a problem that will affect us all, and therefore it is a problem for us to solve together. The ECF strengthens European climate leadership at every level, from supporting local campaigns to informing EU policy making. We constantly seek out diverging viewpoints from across society, consulting labour unions, parenting groups, consumer groups and more to help define our goals.


Take a look at our stories from all over Europe to learn more about how the ECF network is making the net-zero future a reality.