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European Green Deal

Europe has the power to demonstrate to the world that tackling climate change can go hand in hand with economic growth, social justice and a better quality of life for all. With the European Green Deal, there is now a roadmap for achieving this.

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What will a zero emissions future look like?

A net-zero emissions society is a positive, fair and innovative society, whose citizens enjoy an attractive quality of life with cleaner air, less traffic, more comfortable homes, less money spent on fuel and more on infrastructure and innovation in Europe.

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The ECF network - a unique reach

To execute its mission, the ECF embodies four core roles. As a strategic grantmaker, we provide funding to a broad range of organisations, ensuring diverse ventures and perspectives while helping grantees build their capacity and capabilities. As a thought leader, we facilitate the growth of collective influence by coordinating across the climate movement and providing an innovative space to co-develop strategy. As a network enabler, we use our credibility to bring together key actors and spark cooperation among philanthropic partners of climate action. And as a narrative shaper, we create and foster public and political messaging around the transition to a net-zero society.

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