Empowering people across society to create a net-zero world

We’re a major philanthropic initiative working with 700+ partners to catalyse climate action and build a better future. Our vision is a greener, more peaceful and democratic Europe made possible by climate action.

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2022 annual report: Advancing climate action for a green, democratic & peaceful Europe

Europe has demonstrated extraordinary resilience in the face of continued economic and security crises. Our 2022 annual report emphasises the remarkable effectiveness of our network in making progress and maintaining high ambitions against the backdrop of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine…

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Fast heat pump roll-out will unlock big socio-economic and climate benefits

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine and unprecedented energy price hikes, Europe has known more than ever that it needs to wean itself off expensive, polluting and volatile fossil fuels. Europe’s buildings are big gas customers accounting for 40% of…

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Our priorities

We focus on eight interconnected ‘big bets’ to solve the climate and nature crises.

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Fossil-free energy

European and national just transitions


Europe in the World


Citizen engagement and cultural change

Clean transport solutions

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Europe’s industrial transformation

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Shifting the financial system

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Land, food and nature

Our partnerships

From local citizens’ assemblies to global policy research, we empower organisations that are accelerating climate solutions in Europe and around the world. Learn more about the partnerships that make this possible.

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European & national just transitions

Upholding climate action in the European elections

In just a few days, voters in the EU will head to the ballot box to elect the next European Parliament. The outcome of these elections will have a big influence over the level of political ambition that will exist…

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Land, food & nature

A fairer future for farmers is a greener future

Addressing the inequities at the heart of our food system is necessary for both farmers and climate action European farmers have been taking to the streets to protest untenable levels of hardship. From increasing production costs and administrative burden to…

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Europe in the world & international affairs

Radical rethink and reforms will be needed to climate-proof trade

For the first time ever, the UN’s annual climate summit dedicated a part of its agenda to trade policy. The Trade Day at COP28 in Dubai offered a much-needed focus on the role that international trade can play in the…

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