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Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice provides Stichting European Climate Foundation’s policy on collecting and processing personal data and the legal basis under which it does so. For the purposes of this Privacy Notice, personal data means any information that directly or indirectly identifies you, such as name or email address.

This privacy statement constitutes the entire agreement between you and the Stichting European Climate Foundation relating to the publicly accessible portions of the ECF website. Any user accessing and navigating through ECF’s website consents to be governed by this privacy statement.

Who we are

Stichting European Climate Foundation (ECF) is a registered Dutch foundation with its head office in The Hague, the Netherlands, and is the controller of your personal data.

I. How we use your personal data as a visitor to our website:

I. As a visitor to our website

What personal data do we process:

  • the internet domain from which you access our website (for example, “xcompany.com” if you use a private internet access account, or “yourschool.edu” if you connect from an educational domain).
  • the IP address (a unique number for each computer connected to the internet) from which you access our website.
  • the type of browser (e.g., Firefox, Chrome) used to access our site; the operating system (e.g., OS X) used to access our site.
  • the date and time you access our site; the URLs of the pages you visit; if you visited this website from another website, the URL of the forwarding site.
  • Name and email when shared with us on via the website through a dedicated form.
  • Information collected for tracking and customisation via Matomo (cookie).

Why we process your personal data:

  • When you visit our website, we collect and store certain technical information about your visit for use in website management and security purposes, and to evaluate and improve our website’s usability. We may also use your personal data via our contact page to facilitate a request, respond to an enquiry, or keep you informed about your areas of interest. The ECF will not make personal data available to anyone other than our employees and will never use your personal information for marketing purposes.

Lawful basis for processing:

  • This information is used to help make our website more useful to you. With this data, we learn about the number of visitors to our website and the types of technology our visitors use. Except for authorised law enforcement investigations, no attempts are made to identify individual users or their usage habits. Raw data logs are retained temporarily as required for security and website management purposes only.
  • You may visit our website anonymously. Except as described in this privacy notice, we do not collect identification data of our visitors.

II. Cookies:

  • We do, however, use cookies (small computer files that stay on your computer and let us know when and how often you visit our website) to keep and track general information about website usage. Cookies do not identify the individual user, just the computer used.
  • Cookies and other similar technology can make it easier for you to use the website during future visits. Cookies only record which areas of the website a computer in question has visited, and for how long. This information allows the ECF to understand how our website is being used so we can assess how well it is working and help us make decisions about how to improve it.
  • These cookies do not give us access to the rest of your computer, and we will not use them to track your online activity once you leave our website. Cookies are read only by the server that places them and is unable to execute any code or virus.
  • There are two types of cookies, session and persistent. Session cookies last only as long as your web browser is open. Once you close your browser, the cookie disappears. Persistent cookies store information on your computer for longer periods of time. The ECF uses session and persistence cookies. However, at no time is your Personal Data, whether stored in persistent cookies or elsewhere, shared with third parties who have no right to that information.
  • If you do not wish to have cookies stored on your computer you can easily change your web browser to refuse them, or to let you know when you get a new cookie. Please refer to your browser instructions to learn more about these functions. Refusing cookies, however, can restrict your use of the website. To enjoy the website fully, we recommend you leave cookies switched on.

III. Applying for a job or interacting with us for job opportunities:

IV. As a partner

When you interact with the ECF as a funder, grantee or consultant, we require you to provide personal information to allow us to assess if a working relationship can be established, and once that determination is made further personal data is collected to conclude an agreement or contract.

What personal data do we process:

  • Names, addresses, positions, payslips, bank accounts, passport copies, CV, references, date of birth, and bank account numbers when provided as part of our interaction.

Why we process your personal data:

  • To receive and assess proposals received from grantees and consultants.
  • As part of an organisational assessment involving pre-agreement due diligence for partners.
  • For reporting requirements.
  • For audit, research, and analysis purposes.
  • To facilitate the processing of invoices from consultants.
  • When applicable, to use in dashboards and at Funders Table meetings.
  • For promotion approval.
  • To communicate with you about upcoming events, updates at the ECF, and other information relevant to our relationship.
  • To ask you to participate in surveys related to your scope of work or the mission of the ECF.
  • To comply with applicable legal and ECF policy requirements.

Lawful basis for processing:

  • We rely on the following lawful bases for processing your personal data:
  • Contract: for the preliminary steps necessary to enter into an agreement, and for the conclusion of the contract/agreement itself.
  • Legitimate interests: when necessary for our legitimate interests, such as for the ability to conduct ourselves in a responsible manner and in line with laws, regulations, and determinations.
  • Legal obligation: for our continued compliance with applicable laws.

V. Participating in our events

The ECF and its programmes and platforms hold occasional events that require the processing of your personal data so that you may participate in or be notified about the event in question or future events of a similar nature.

What personal data do we process:

  • Name, address, email, company name, role, food preferences and allergies, disabilities and mobility requirements as provided when you register for an event, and including photos/videos when you attend an event.

Why we process your personal data:

The ECF requires your personal data for the following reasons

  • Event registration – to allow for identification as a participant, preparation of the list of participants and corresponding badges, and communicate of further information about the event.
  • Subscribing to a newsletter or mailing list in conjunction with the event where applicable to keep you informed of any developments linked to our programmes.
  • Photos and Videos – these forms of media are used to document ECF-organised events and activities from our network of partners. They will further be published on ECF websites, ECF corporate products and other media and video hosting platforms, and for both external and internal reporting requirements.

Lawful basis for processing:

  • Contract: for the conclusion of a contract such as that of an event attendee who made payment.
  • Legitimate interests: when necessary for our legitimate interests, such as documentation of the event and reporting.
  • Legal obligation: for our continued compliance with applicable laws.
  • Consent: if the processing of your personal data is not covered by one of the above bases, we will request your consent to process the applicable personal data. You can withdraw your consent at any time.

VI. Completing a Survey

The ECF uses surveys for a multitude of reasons, and you may be asked to complete a survey for us.

What personal data do we process:

  • Name, email, home address, contact number, gender, role and organisation when provided in a survey.

Why we process your personal data:

  • We use your contact details to create contact lists from which we can deliver our surveys and further related communications.
  • Any personal data collected from the survey is used for the purposes stated in the survey.
  • You are always provided with an opportunity to unsubscribe from our lists through an “unsubscribe” button which is available at the bottom of any emails.

Lawful basis for processing:

  • Legitimate interests: when necessary for our legitimate interests, such as to enhance our programmes and interactions with you.
  • Consent: if the processing of your personal data is not covered by the above bases, we will request your consent to process the applicable personal data.

VII. As a vendor or service provider

We may need to engage with you to purchase a product, rent a space or request a service.

What personal data do we process:

  • Name, email, address, bank details, CV (education, experience).

Why we process your personal data:

  • To perform due diligence checks as part of our procurement function.
  • For the invoicing process to allow you to get paid.
  • When communicating regarding the provision of products, services, or space.

Lawful basis for processing:

  • Contract: for the conclusion of a contract.
  • Legitimate interests: when necessary for our legitimate interests, such as accepting you as a party to enter a business relationship with through the completion of our due diligence checks.
  • Legal obligation: for our continued compliance with applicable laws.

Sharing of personal data with third parties

To satisfy our functional requirements, we may share your personal data with the following categories of third parties. Please be aware that when we use third-party service providers, we disclose only the personal information that is necessary to deliver the service and we have a contract in place that requires them to keep your information secure and not to use it for their own direct marketing purposes.

  • Service providers – We may engage with third-party service providers for the performance of certain data processing activities that the ECF does not perform itself. This category may include the likes of grants management software providers, IT providers, and survey providers amongst others.
  • Funders – sometimes we may be obligated to report to or inform a funder about a grantee/consultant which may involve the sharing of personal data under our contractual obligations to them.
  • Other – for legal reasons we may be obliged to share your personal data with others such as to comply with laws and regulations or to enforce our general terms and conditions.

How long do we keep your personal data:

  • In general, we retain your personal data for the duration of our relationship with you, and for as long as necessary afterwards to comply with other legally required timeframes, such as tax legislation, or local laws.

Exercising your rights

  • Access and Rectification – You may exercise your right to access and rectify any of your personal data at any time. You can request this by contacting the ECF by email at privacy@europeanclimate.org or in writing to Stichting European Climate Foundation, Riviervismarkt 5, 2513 AM, The Hague, the Netherlands.
  • Erasure – You may at any time exercise your right to data deletion in accordance with the data protection regulations, by sending a request by email to privacy@europeanclimate.org or in writing to Stichting European Climate Foundation, Riviervismarkt 5, 2513 AM The Hague, the Netherlands.
  • Withdrawal of Consent – When visiting our website, you will be requested to consent to certain data processing activities. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. Please send your objection, by email to privacy@europeanclimate.org or in writing to Stichting European Climate Foundation, Riviervismarkt 5, 2513 AM, the Hague, Netherlands. Such withdrawal of consent will not affect the lawfulness of past data processing but it can, however, impact your continued use of the website.

If you provide consent for any other interaction with the ECF you may withdraw your consent at any time without suffering any detriment. Please note that the ECF may not be able to provide further communications or services when consent was the basis for performance.  You can withdraw your consent by emailing privacy@europeanclimate.org or by writing to Stichting European Climate Foundation, Riviervismarkt 5, 2513 AM, the Hague, Netherlands.

At any point, should you deem that any of your rights have not been respected, you may also lodge a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority (see autoriteitpersoonsgegegevens.nl/en).

Legal disclaimer

  • Though we take industry-standard measures and other efforts to preserve our users’ privacy, Stichting European Climate Foundation may need to disclose personal data when required by law wherein we have a good-faith belief that such action is necessary to comply with a current judicial proceeding, a court order or legal process, and/or in connection with a verified request relating to a criminal investigation or alleged illegal activity.
  • Stichting European Climate Foundation will not sell, rent, loan, trade, or lease any personal information collected online or offline.


  • Throughout our web page, we provide links to other servers and websites which may contain information of interest to our readers. We take no responsibility (and shall have no liability) for, and exercise no control over, the organisations, views, or accuracy of the information contained on other servers and/or websites. Creating a text link from your website to our website does not require permission. If you have a link you’d like us to consider adding to our website or removing, please send an email to info@europeanclimate.org with the subject “Link request”.

Website security notice

  • For site security purposes and to ensure that our website remains available to all users, this computer system employs software programs that monitor network traffic to identify unauthorised attempts to upload or change information. Anyone using this system expressly consents to such monitoring and is advised that if such monitoring reveals evidence of possible abuse or criminal activity, such evidence may be provided to appropriate law enforcement officials. Unauthorised attempts to upload or change information on our servers are strictly prohibited and may be punishable by law.

Updates to our privacy policy

  • We will revise or update this policy if our practices change, or as we develop better ways to keep you informed about them. Please refer to this page for the latest information and the effective date of any changes. If we decide to change this policy, we will post a new policy on our website and change the date at the bottom. Changes to the policy shall not apply retroactively.

Contact us

The controller of your personal data, under applicable data privacy legislation and in regard to the processing of personal information is: 

Stichting European Climate Foundation
Riviervismarkt 5
2513 AM The Hague
The Netherlands

If you have questions about our privacy practices, you may contact us at the above address or by email at privacy@europeanclimate.org.


Last updated: 12 April 2024

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