Our Grantmaking

Since 2008, we’ve provided strategic and financial support to hundreds of partner organisations working at the national, European and global levels to tackle the climate crisis.

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Together with our partners, we work to identify key areas for action, devise and share new insights, and co-develop impactful strategies to effect change. To ensure a variety of interventions and perspectives, we collaborate with a diverse range of organisations, from civil society NGOs, to business associations, to consumer groups.

To further strengthen our ecosystem, we also support our partners through learning, capacity building and organisational development. As part of these efforts, we recently developed and began implementing seven Grantmaking Commitments, in partnership with the Center for Effective Philanthropy and our grantees. These commitments – humility, listening, transparency, connection, flexibility, respect, and learning – help further enhance our partners’ experience and collaboration in support of our wider mission.

We’re proud to work with over 700 partners in Europe and beyond. Below you’ll find a selection of our current partner organisations.

Please note that we do not accept unsolicited grant proposals. Instead, we work with our partners to identify funding opportunities that will create the greatest impact.

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