About the ECF

Our mission is to empower people across society to create a net-zero world.

About us

The European Climate Foundation (ECF) is a major philanthropic initiative working to foster the net-zero transition and ensure a healthy, thriving planet for current and future generations. We support around 700 partner organisations in more than 100 countries to drive progress towards the goals of the Paris Agreement, promote practical policymaking in response to the climate crisis, and broaden political and public support for climate action. We strive for a positive, people-centred and socially responsible climate transition in Europe and around the world.

Our vision: a green, peaceful and democratic Europe

The coming years provide a once-in-a-generation opportunity to use the green transition as a springboard to build a more peaceful, prosperous, and equitable Europe. One with future-proofed infrastructure and jobs; warm, safer homes; affordable energy and food; clean air; better health, and thriving biodiversity.

To achieve this vision, we focus on eight interconnected ‘big bets’, from fossil-free energy to international affairs to finance. Across all of these focus areas, we ground our strategies at the country level to make sure our efforts are tailored to local considerations. We incorporate communications from the outset to help deepen and broaden public support for climate action. As part of this, we focus on economic sectors that are critical to the climate transition. 

Our agile, cross-cutting structure also comprises a strong focus on learning, adapting our approach in response to new developments, and helping our partners build their own capacities.

Our priorities

Our team

Our team includes experts on topics critical to climate action, from energy policy to strategic communications to philanthropy. Our Operations and Finance team runs our grantmaking infrastructure, oversees our day-to-day operations, and supports our partners through learning, capacity building and organisational development.

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Where we work

We are a major catalyst of organisations supporting climate action – at the national, European, and international level. We have staff on the ground in more than 20 countries in Europe and further afield.

  • With 10+ European country teams, we work to build tailored local strategies aligned with our ‘big bets
  • We help make sure that climate policies are fair, effective, and reflect citizens’ priorities – as well as successfully implemented
  • We work with partners across Europe and the world to build and sustain vital political space for global progress on climate

A whole-of-society approach to climate action

With a diverse network of partners spanning youth groups, consumer organisations, trade associations and university departments, we work to ensure a green transition where everyone is part of the discussion, and no one gets left behind.

  • Policy: We support the development of climate policies that are smart, ambitious, and people-centred, with support from citizens and decision-makers alike.
  • Politics: We foster cross-partisan political and public support for climate-friendly policies, building dialogue and depolarising the climate debate.
  • People: Alongside analysing the impact of policies on peoples’ lives, we work to educate, inform, and inspire citizens with solutions to address climate change.
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Latest updates

Fossil free energy

Tackling energy poverty in Europe

The buildings sector is a key contributor to climate change, representing around a third of energy-related emissions in the EU. Inefficient buildings have also aggravated energy poverty, which is skyrocketing across the continent with at least 50 million Europeans living…

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Shifting the financial system

New taskforce for climate action and sustainable development

There’s an urgent need to generate new sources of finance to scale up green, climate resilient development in the Global South: by 2025, it’s estimated that developing countries must mobilise USD 500 billion each year to adequately address climate change.…

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Citizen engagement

Communicating climate issues and solutions in France

In the face of efforts by fossil fuel lobbies to slow down progress and polarise debates on climate action, it’s critical to provide the public with clear, high-quality and objective information about the causes and impact of climate change, and…

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