Fossil-free energy

Accelerating a just transition to affordable, secure clean energy

Cleaning up the energy sector is crucial to reaching climate safety. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the shocks to energy security and the economy that followed, exposed the steep costs of our dependence on fossil fuels. But around a third of Europe’s electricity is still being generated by fossil fuels, and this energy source continues to dominate in the continent’s buildings and industrial sectors.

We’re working to put Europe on track to phase out coal and gas and replace them with cleaner, more secure energy sources. Together with our partners, we are also promoting energy solutions that are affordable, accessible, and supported by the public. For example, we collaborate closely with consumer and anti-poverty organisations to make sure that the solutions we promote are fair and people-centred. We support an energy transition which improves security, strengthens European industry, and provides good quality jobs.

ReNew2030, an Audacious Project

ReNew2030 is a global coalition of experts, civil society, and philanthropic organisations working toward a first, fast, fair energy transition by mobilising key actors in government, business, and communities around the world. Hosted by the ECF, ReNew2030’s goal for 2030 is to increase global wind and solar capacity by 500% in the countries responsible for over 80% of the power sector emissions in order to improve energy security, create new jobs and deliver health, climate, and economic benefits. Learn more here.

Pooled fund on International Energy (PIE)

PIE is a philanthropic initiative working to achieve clean air, a safe climate, and a just transition towards clean energy and steel. It supports partners around the world working internationally and locally, including civil society organisations, research institutions, and think tanks. Learn more here.

Impact stories

European & national just transitions

Upholding climate action in the European elections

In just a few days, voters in the EU will head to the ballot box to elect the next European Parliament. The outcome of these elections will have a big influence over the level of political ambition that will exist…

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Land, food & nature

A fairer future for farmers is a greener future

Addressing the inequities at the heart of our food system is necessary for both farmers and climate action European farmers have been taking to the streets to protest untenable levels of hardship. From increasing production costs and administrative burden to…

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Europe in the world & international affairs

Radical rethink and reforms will be needed to climate-proof trade

For the first time ever, the UN’s annual climate summit dedicated a part of its agenda to trade policy. The Trade Day at COP28 in Dubai offered a much-needed focus on the role that international trade can play in the…

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