Matt Phillips

Matt Phillips

Executive Director, International Energy Programme


About me

Matt is the Executive Director of the European Climate Foundation’s International Energy Initiative, which is developing strategies for securing clean energy around the world and Europe’s role in achieving this. He joined the ECF at its founding in 2008, leading the UK Programme and analysing coal across Europe.

More recently, Matt has worked on UK decarbonisation pathways from energy efficiency programmes to the power sector and international policy and transport. Specific areas have included household energy efficiency retrofits, financing the low-carbon transition, coal policy and interconnection. He also has developed ECF insights on coal developments across Europe and has covered public and private finance and global dimensions.

Prior to joining the ECF, Matt had 15 years of experience in international development and environmental policy and advocacy at NGOs, plus a short stint as a journalist. He has an MSC in ecology from University College London. His world revolves around family, children, sailing and nature.