Oksana Aliieva

Oksana Aliieva

Senior Associate, Ukraine Programme

About me

Oksana Aliieva is Senior Associate in the ECF’s Ukraine Programme, initiated in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine with the goal of ensuring green, climate-proof solutions in the post-war recovery. Within the program, Oksana focusses on the green reconstruction of Ukraine, with a specific emphasis on the role of renewables in this process.

Before joining the ECF, Oksana worked for Ukrainian and international non-governmental institutions as a climate change and energy policy advisor, and later as a programme coordinator at the Heinrich Boell Foundation’s Kyiv office. With a special focus on participation and stakeholder engagement, Oksana succeeded in bringing different constituencies on board with Ukraine’s energy transition discussion by facilitating Ukraine’s ever-first study on the potential of 100% renewable energy supplies in 2017-2018. The results of the study enabled a fundamental narrative shift in Ukraine from “what is possible” to “how to achieve this”.

In her work, Oksana also focusses on issues of social and gender justice as they relate to climate change crisis solutions. She is one of the founders of Ukraine’s NGO Women’s Energy Club, working on bridging decarbonisation and gender empowerment goals.

When Russia attacked Ukraine in 2022, Oksana and her family fled to Austria and settled there until the end of the war. In her everyday work, Oksana is driven by the ECF’s values and vision of climate neutrality. She is also motivated by the opportunity to support Ukrainian partner organisations and society towards a green recovery.

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