Marion Bachelet

Marion Bachelet

Head of Data into Action, PIE


About me

Marion joined the ECF’s International Energy Programme in 2022 as Head of the Data into Action Programme. She is responsible for building and developing a field of partners who pioneer applied, cutting-edge research on the energy transition based on relevant, objective, transparent, and timely data.

She has over a decade of experience in policy research and data analysis on climate policies, energy transition and tax and benefits systems across international organisations, governments, academia and think tanks. Before joining ECF, Marion worked as a Climate Economics analyst at the World Bank. She conducted empirical estimation and modelling of the distributional effects of climate-fiscal reforms to inform climate change mitigation policies and support Finance Ministries in adapting fiscal policy to the challenges of climate change.

She worked previously for 10 years in various French government ministries, supporting policy design and decision-making using quantitative analysis and modelling. She also held positions at the OECD, the Mercator Research Institute on Climate Change and the Jacques Delors Institute.

Marion holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Data Science and Quantitative Economics from the French National School of Statistics and Information Analysis, and a B.A. in International and Industrial Economics from the University of Rennes. A native French speaker, Marion also speaks English, and Spanish and has been learning German since moving to Berlin. An enthusiastic cinephile and keen reader, she loves surfing, rock climbing, and attending music festivals.

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