Jozsef Feiler

Jozsef Feiler

Director, South East Europe & Hungary Programme

About me

Prior to joining the ECF in 2016, Jozsef worked as Topic Area Leader of the Regional Environmental Center in Hungary, heading climate policy in the Hungarian public administration for nearly a decade. He also served in the office of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Future Generations, under the Hungarian Parliament. Jozsef supported the Cyprus, Lithuanian and Greek EU presidency on international climate policy as an adviser and worked as a policy coordinator of CEE Bankwatch Network, one of the largest advocacy NGOs from the new EU member states.

Jozsef has extensive experience in climate policy development at national, EU and international level and in both the public and non-profit sectors.

Jozsef holds a master’s in History, Archaeology (ELTE, Budapest), Environmental Sciences and Policy (CEU-Manchester University) and International Affairs (Columbia University).

He has built the second passive house in Hungary and as penitence for his excessive travel miles he labours keeping more than 50 bee families happy.