Amalia M

Amalia M

Business Analyst & Project Lead, Transformation Office


About me

As a Business Analyst & Project Lead, Amalia is leading strategic and operational projects at the ECF. In her role, she remains focused on strengthening the ECF’s capacity to analyse the needs related to digital technology with a transversal view, exploring possible solutions, and driving their implementation. 

Before joining the ECF, Amalia worked for several years as a Project Manager and Business Analyst in an IT company, building her expertise in capturing business needs, building digital solutions, user experience and communication. She also worked for a research centre in mineral processing and waste management and a consultancy company on the environment. As a strong climate advocate, she is happy to bring her working knowledge to the climate sector. 

Amalia holds a Master’s degree in climatology, and a Master’s degree in mining and geology engineering, majoring in environment and natural hazards. She is also certified by CISL in business sustainability management and is currently following a training to become a nature guide. 

In her free time, you can find her walking around with a cup of coffee, joking (not jogging), enjoying nature, travelling, eating pastries, growing trees, and listening to 80’s rock & hard rock music. 

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