Dietmar Oeliger

Dietmar Oeliger

Director, Transport Programme


About me

Dietmar is the Director for the ECF Transport initiative.

He joined the ECF from the German NGO NABU where he led the transport team, that was mainly focused on cars, trucks and shipping. He managed to make NABU a leading voice on sustainable transport in Germany and beyond. As the deputy head of the environment and natural conservation department he was also responsible for NABU’s energy and climate policy. He is the chair of the ‘Grüner Strom Label’, the Certification of green energy products in Germany.

Before joining NABU, Dietmar worked for Eurosolar, the European Association for Renewable Energy in Bonn. These were the years when the ‘Energiewende’ was born and the first feed-in-law for renewables was established.

Mobility is also a major element in Dietmar’s personal life as he explored many countries in the world by bicycle and motorbike. Besides he probably is the only person in the European transport policy network that owns a driving license for heavy duty trucks and buses. Unfortunately completely useless for his job as he admits. Dietmar believes that in addition to technical solutions like Zero Emission Vehicles measures to reduce and shift traffic onto more environmentally friendly modes of transport need to be pursued to reduce final energy demand in the transport sector.