Guzmán Sánchez

Guzmán Sánchez

Strategic Communications Manager, Spain


About me

Guzmán is the Strategic Communications Manager for Spain. Based in Madrid, he provides strategic and hands-on communications support to the ECF Spanish Programme as well as to ECF grantees to maximise the outreach of their work.

Prior to joining the ECF, Guzmán worked as a communications consultant on science-related topics as part of Scienseed, an agency he co-founded in 2014. In this role, he developed awareness-raising campaigns and policy-oriented communications together with numerous research and education institutions, intergovernmental organisations, and the third sector in Europe.

Guzmán holds a Molecular Biology PhD and he worked as a researcher in Spain, UK, Canada, and Germany.

Navigating multidimensional and socially complex issues is his cup of tea, hence joining the ECF. Outside of work, he loves simplicity in nature, photography, and music.

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