Iryna Stavchuk

Iryna Stavchuk

Project Manager, Ukraine Programme


About me

Iryna Stavchuk joined the ECF as Ukraine Programme Manager in 2022. The programme was established as a response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine with the main goal to mainstream green and climate-proof solutions in the post-war recovery of the country.

Before joining the ECF, Iryna worked for the Ukrainian government as Deputy Minister and was responsible for climate change policies, European integration, international relations and biodiversity. She was coordinating the process of NDC updates and introduction of monitoring, reporting and verification of industrial GHG emissions as the first step for the development of a national emissions trading scheme.

Iryna is the co-founder of two prominent Ukrainian NGOs – Ecoaction and Kyiv Cyclists’ Association (U-Cycle) – and has been working for many years within civil society in Ukraine and internationally. In addition, she has coordinated Ukrainian and regional networks of civil society groups working on climate change issues.

Iryna also served as a CSO observer to the World Bank board of directors for the Climate Investment Funds.

Iryna has a Master’s degree in environmental management and policy from the International Institute for Industrial and Environmental Economics at Lund University.

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