Net-zero 2050

A vision and evidence base for the transition to net-zero emission societies in Europe and beyond, by mid-century at the latest.

The Net-Zero 2050 is a new initiative of the European Climate Foundation with contributions from a consortium of experts and organisations funded by the ECF.

The Paris Agreement commits us to making this transition, and long-term strategic planning shows that many of the decisions and actions needed to get us on track must be taken imminently.

Reports in the series are intended to create a basis for discussion with stakeholders and policy-makers on Net-Zero decarbonisation. In particular, they seek to enhance understanding of the implications and opportunities of moving to climate neutrality across the economy; to shed light on some of the near-term choices and actions needed to reach this goal; and to provide thought leadership about the governance arrangements necessary to implement the Paris Agreement.

Industrial Transformation 2050 – ECF’s new flagship project helps to deliver a thriving industry in a net-zero emissions Europe by 2050

June 20, 2018. The European Climate Foundation launches today its new flagship project Industrial Transformation 2050. Together with industry and other stakeholders, the initiative aims to co-develop a credible and feasible industry roadmap that is in line with the Paris Agreement, as well as the policy frameworks needed to achieve a thriving, competitive and climate(…)