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Forum New Economy: shaping a new economic paradigm


Forum New Economy, the Berlin Platform for a new Paradigm has now taken off. Highly inspiring speakers ranging from Branko Milanovic and Michael Jacobs to Nobel laureate Mike Spence, representatives from the OECD and INET, the heads of important German research institutes and the Chief Economist of Germany’s Federal Ministry of Finance were present for the launch event in Berlin.

Forum Germany

About the Forum New Economy

More and more economists around the world are searching for innovative concepts to make economic and societal trends more sustainable. To promote such work, bringing them to Berlin and exploring their real value, is one of the main goals of this Forum. Backed by leading German and international experts and institutions, it aims to practically contribute to a more economically, financially, socially and environmentally sustainable prosperity. As the critical European part of a growing international network, the Platform’s secretariat will commission innovative work and organize expert meetings and  events to facilitate exchange between academics, policy-makers, politicians and business leaders. It will provide a landing strip in Germany and Continental Europe for innovative ideas from the US, UK and elsewhere and bring creative German thinkers together and their ideas to a broader audience. Read more here.

Preparations for the Platform started in early 2017 and have included a dozen publications and five New Paradigm workshops. The work is supported by leading thinkers and policy-makers including Nobel laureate George Akerlof, Mariana Mazzucato, Branko Milanovic, Adair Turner, Pascal Lamy, Moritz Schularick, Tom Krebs, Jens Südekum, Jakob von Weizsäcker, Marcel Fratzscher, Gabriela Ramos, Michael Jacobs, Laurence Tubiana, Rob Johnson, Harold James and Jean Pisani-Ferry. The Platform will work with a powerful network of partners including  the OECDDIW Berlin, the Institute for New Economic Thinking, the European Climate FoundationJacques Delors Institut and the Young Scholars Initiative. There will be a Paris hub at OFCE institute. The work is funded by the Hewlett Foundation, Mercator, Bennemann and Canopus Foundations, as well as by INET, IMK and ECF.

The Platform will focus on reducing inequality of incomes and wealth; stabilizing financial markets and making them serve the economy again; ensuring that globalization and new technologies work for all; making climate policies part of a broader economic agenda; designing fiscal policies that stabilize rather than aggravate economic fluctuations; exploring the role of paradigms in policy-making; and promoting fundamental research into the transformation of modern economies.

About the Forum New Economy

Established in Berlin in 2019, Forum New Economy is a community of economists and leaders in Europe engaging with the world’s most significant changes and challenges.

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