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Preparing Dutch homes for a natural gas-free future


The European Climate Foundation has been awarded a donation after a competitive call for proposals organised by the Nationale Postcode Loterij. The good news was announced during the annual Goed Geld Gala 2019 on Monday 4 March.

Thanks to the generous donation, the European Climate Foundation won the opportunity to work on a unique project called “Preparing Dutch home for a natural gas-free future”

In March 2018, the Dutch government announced plans to phase out natural gas from all residential buildings by 2050, thereby achieving multiple policy objectives that also deliver benefits to the Dutch people. The natural gas phase-out is a unique opportunity to prioritize support for home renovation. Individual households will pay lower energy bills and live in more comfortable homes while Dutch society will benefit from lower costs for alternative energy supply solutions and reduced carbon emissions.

By contributing to a successful natural gas phase-out in, the ECF aims to place the Netherlands as a leading example in Europe for a ‘Paris-compatible’ climate and energy transition.

Foto: Roy Beusker

About the project

The project will:

  • Pilot an innovative homeowner engagement process at the neighborhood level and via an app to help them understand the benefits of making their home gas-free ready,
  • Scale lessons to municipalities and the national level as the local and national authorities roll-out of their plans, and share lessons outside the Netherlands (eg, California, Brussels),
  • Integrate the use of GIS platform to help local authorities make better decisions based on the existing heat infrastructure, building type, tenure, individual household energy needs, etc.,
  • Build a social movement and media friendly tools.

About the Nationale Postcode Loterij

The Dutch Postcode Loterij has been raising funds since 1989 to support organisations working towards a fairer and greener world. 50% of the lottery’s annual turnover goes to charity. The lottery has steadily grown to become the biggest charity lottery in the Netherlands and supports 107 non-governmental organisations. Since its founding, the lottery has dispensed over €5.8 billion to its beneficiaries. During the charity gala, the lottery announced that thanks to its 3 million participants, who bought more than 4.3 million lottery tickets collectively, a total of €370.6 million will be distributed to non-governmental organisations in 2019. The ECF has been its grantee since 2010.

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